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A Love Letter


To the sport of swimming

About Flip Turns

Swimming changes people lives. For many, it has brought them:

  • Health
  • Friendship
  • Success

Flip Turns is here to inspire you. If you are a swimmer, you'll see the beauty of the communities around you. If you were once a swimmer, you'll reconnect with a sport you love.

If you are not a swimmer, you'll still enjoy these inspiring stories. They're not all amazing swimmers. They are amazing people who swim.

I deliver new episodes every month.

Share Your Story

Do you have an inspiring story to share? The world waiting to hear it.

Here are a couple ideas:
  1. What obstacles did you overcome to get here?
  2. How has swimming changed your life?
  3. Why do you love swimming?

Drop me a note

Sharing emails without your permission is not cool (kinda like the coach throwing in a 200 Fly at the end of a workout). It won't happen here.