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A Love Letter


To the sport of swimming

About Flip Turns

The Flip Turns Podcast is about how swimming has changed people's lives and brought them:

  • Health
  • Friendships
  • Success

I deliver new episodes every month.

Sharing emails without your permission is not cool (kinda like the coach throwing in a 200 Fly at the end of a workout). It won't happen here.

Swimming at USMS Nationals?

Do you have an inspiring story to share? I'm at the meet and would like to meet you.

Leave a voice message up to 90 seconds in length below with your name and cell number. (It only goes to my email box. It won't show up on this site.)

When you click "Start" the recorder may open in a new browser window. Here are a couple ideas:
  1. What obstacles did you overcome to get here?
  2. How has swimming changed your life?
  3. Why do you love swimming?